December 14, 2020

S3 E13 Ecology and the Economy with Warwick Smith

In this episode we hear from Warwick Smith, a Castlemaine Local, about his dual careers as an ecologist and an economist. (You might remember him from the Student Strike Episode earlier this season) He is fascinating to talk to, I think, because so often we are presented with the idea that these two things are in competition with each other. According to Warwick this does not have to be the case. Today we are exploring how Warwick came to be both an ecologist and an economist, we also delve into how the economy came to be the way it is now and how that relates to our way of living and our way of treating our environment, our planet.

Saltgrass is produced in Castlemaine, on Djaara country, home of the Dja Dja Wurrung people.  We pay respects to elders past, present and emerging.

The piece by Warwick has contributed to our local Zero Net Emissions Transition Movement about how our community could utilise alternative economics. 
The Price of Capitalism paper Warwaick did with GetUp!
There are more publications and videos by Warwick linked through his LinkedIn profile.
He is on Twitter as @RecoEco
He is a founding member of The Castlemaine Institute

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